Part Kalimba.

Part Harp & Lyre.

Everything you need is included with your free Harpikaland Kit.

Plays like a Kalimba, sounds like heaven.

The harp that plays like a Kalimba

What's the Harpika ?

The harpika is a unique and beautiful musical instrument that is similar to a kalimba. This small, portable instrument is easy to learn and can be played by musicians of all skill levels.

Its soothing and relaxing sound makes it a great choice for reducing stress and promoting mental well-being.

Whether you are a beginner looking for your first instrument or an experienced musician looking to expand your repertoire, the harpika is an excellent choice. With its versatility and portability, the harpika is perfect for jam sessions, solo performances, and everything in between.

Both sound angelic

Flat & Hollow Harpikas

A hollow harpika is likely to produce a more resonant sound because the hollow chamber within the instrument can vibrate and amplify the sound waves produced by the strings.

A flatboard harpika, on the other hand, is likely to produce a more harmonious sound because the lack of a hollow chamber may contribute to a more focused and controlled sound through all the strings.

It's worth noting that the sound characteristics of a harpika can also be affected by factors such as the type and tension of the strings, the material and construction of the body, and the playing technique used.

Create your own melodies without theory

Easy to play at any age - Plays like a Kalimba !

t's great to hear that the harpika is easy to play at any age! The included manual will provide helpful guidance on how to tune and care for the instrument, as well as some basic music theory and harpika tabs to get you started.

Learning to play a musical instrument can be a fun and rewarding experience at any age, and the harpika's simple design and layout make it a good choice for beginners. With practice and dedication, you can develop your skills and explore a wide range of musical styles and techniques with the harpika.

Where do I buy an Harpika Instrument ?

Start your Harpika journey with Harpikaland

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Iris, USA

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Shauni, Switzerland


The Harpikaland - A musician story

In a land far away, there was a small village known for its beautiful music. The villagers loved to play and listen to music, and they spent their days creating melodies on their instruments.

One day, a group of traveling musicians came to the village and were amazed by the skill of the locals.

They decided to stay and set up a musical instrument company, selling high-quality instruments. The company became successful, and people from all over the land came to buy harpikas and learn how to play.

The company offered lessons and workshops, and the village became a hub of musical activity. In the end, the villagers lived happily ever after, surrounded by the beautiful sounds of music.

That village, Harpikaland, is now available online with free worldwide shipping on